T.K. Hernández is a journalist. Her work has been published at Global Research, Telesur English, Medium, Buzzfeed, Cuba Diplomatica and Cuba Business Report.

Ms. Hernández is a member of the Cuban Friendship Association (CCFA) and has supported fundraising efforts for Cuba’s last two hurricane disaster relief campaigns. She is also a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, the Association of Health Care Journalists and a certified travel counselor.

Her second book, a photographic collection of images of Havana, will be published later this year.

In 2015, she obtained her first press visa to Cuba for the official visit of the former President Barack Obama.

Ms Hernández is from the United Kingdom.

What the critics have said:

“… has traveled to many countries over the years and has a finely developed understanding of different peoples and their cultures. She has combined this understanding with her technical knowledge in the digital and photographic media to produce an artistic interpretation of the images she witnesses around the world. By what is commonly referred to as the “eye” and her attention to perfection, the quality of TK’s work far surpasses much of what we see splashed throughout image banks today.”
CBH, August 2004.

“… brings a wonderfully sensitive and keen eye to the landscape and people… will become a vehicle to expose the essence of the human experience… This ability to reveal and communicate, while allowing the respect for the subject, draws the viewer in to see more, inviting us to glimpse at the soul and the character of those chosen by the photographer.”
John Deacon. 2004.

“TK is very well-traveled and has met numerous people through her travels. Her work reflects this international perspective.. TK is artistic and talented. Her insight and humility when it comes to artistic integrity is astounding. She has an extraordinary eye for detail and her passion shows in everything she does.”
C. Foon, 2004.

“Any endeavors she undertakes, she does so with not only the utmost of scholarly care but also with human care.”
Marcel Bak, 2004.

“Your visual images and poetry barely suggest your potential… clearly it is there. Clearly you have released what few others have… your gift will take you far as it already has… your place on the planet has yet to be discovered… it will be, I’m sure.”
T. Lakas, 2003.