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Chance and Desire: Havana in Black & White

The first edition of “Chance and Desire: Havana in Black & White,” a stunning collection of 80 photographs by journalist T.K. Hernández. Photographed between 2002 and 2019, this is Havana as you’ve never seen it before, a visual narrative of the emotional landscape of a city. This first edition captures a street photographer’s vision of a city that reaches far beyond the tourist resorts. This is the author’s second book.

Foreword by Stephen Kimber, journalist and award-winning author of one novel and nine books of nonfiction, including “What Lies Across the Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five.”

Imagine Istanbul: The Search for the Little Boy of Istanbul

Introduction: This is not a ‘photography’ book. It is a graphical portrait of a city illustrated by words which form a poem. It is images accompanied by words, telling the tale of the search for a little boy. Like “naïve art,” it is on the one hand, simplistic and folkloric. On the other, it conveys a deeper, more complex vision within its intended simplicity. It is a recollection of impressions. It is a poem, written in the language of a child. A child can read this book or a parent can read to a child. “Imagine Istanbul” is an introduction to a place and culture in a faraway city and land. It is magical.